Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes stubborn fat tissues from various body parts.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to lose weight, even after eating healthy and exercising regularly. This is where liposuction comes to the rescue. Though it is invasive, liposuction can help you get rid of stubborn fat tissues in belly, buttocks, thighs, chin, and neck.

The fat is removed using a hollow tube cannula. The doctor starts by liquefying the fat tissue, after which they insert the cannula to suction it out. 

It is worth noting that liposuction doesn't remove dimples, cellulite and stretch marks. Its primary objective is to improve physical appearance, making it suitable for people who desire an aesthetic body shape.


Here is why  Phuket IWC recommends liposuction.


It Improves Physical Appearance

Excess fat deposits can hurt your body shape. By removing these tissues, liposuction enhances your body contouring, resulting in improved self-esteem.

Long-lasting Effects

The effects of liposuction are often long-lasting, as the patient's weight doesn't vary greatly after the procedure. However, you need to watch your diet and exercise regularly if you want to avoid regaining the lost weight.

It Helps Treat Lipodystrophy

Lipodystrophy is a condition that affects fat metabolism when some body parts have excess fat while others have none. This syndrome can be treated using liposuction.

It Promotes Better Habits

As mentioned above, liposuction doesn't guarantee that you'll never regain weight. Because of this, people who undergo this procedure are more likely to adopt healthy habits, such as eating balanced diet and training regularly.

It Treats Gynecomastia

Some men develop large breasts due to genetics. Liposuction can help treat this condition because the doctor removes the excess breast tissue.


Like other surgical procedures, liposuction has its risks. It usually takes months to recover, and the scarring is permanent. During this period, you are likely to experience vomiting and numbness, although this is temporary.

It is vital to consult a surgeon before undergoing liposuction to see if you are fit for the procedure. The doctor will also recommend the best technique for you.

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