PIWC “Scholarship Season” begins

Following the long school holiday break the Phuket International Women’s Club (PIWC) has begun assessments for its 2016 scholarship program. The club, now in its third decade, provides education support for children from less privileged backgrounds, monitoring their scholastic progress and awarding additional scholarships each year to a new group of students.

“Earlier this week we caught up with some of our younger students, who are already receiving awards, to find out how they were doing,’ says Scholarship Chairman K. Wipa Tanmanatragul,‘We like to know if all is well, what their plans for the future are and any other self-support initiatives they are involved in.

‘Our Scholarship Committee is heavily involved to ensure the students are working satisfactorily to reach their potential.

‘If any of them have let their grades fall below the required minimum we like to know why, and if it is a family problem we try to help them through this and encourage them to stick with it.’

At Satree Phuket School and Phuket Wittyalai the committee met up with 23 program students, with further interviews to come.