Phuket International Women's Club (PIWC) is a social network providing educational opportunities for needy children. A not-for-profit organization, the club was set up in 1989 and has been growing ever since. It promotes friendship among women of all nationalities- including welcome support and information to newcomers living in Phuket, Thailand.

PIWC also sponsors education. Since 1990 more than 700 scholarships have been awarded to girls and boys at primary, secondary and third level. Currently 202 students – from kindergarten to university – are receiving financial assistance from the club. Students' lives have been profoundly improved by our scholarships and we are very proud of our success stories. Many have been the first member of their family to graduate from high school.

At third level the story has surpassed even our expectations. Because of the generosity of donors and sponsors and the success of our own fund-raising, we have been able to give young people the opportunity to qualify as graphic artists, communications experts, teachers, nurses, engineers, doctors, scientists – the list is endless.

"When a student graduates, the door to a better quality of life 
for them and their family opens."

For further information about our club and our students: EMAIL : INFO@PHUKETIWC.COM

Founding President Jill Crampton remembers...

After moving from Australia to Bangkok in 1987 and working very hard for a couple of years it was nice to move to Phuket and slow down the pace. During our hunt for housing we met American Lyn. She knew a couple of foreigners and somehow I met Adrienne, a Frenchwoman, Angela an Englishwoman, Raewyn and Steven and their parents, missionaries working with the sea gypsies and they knew Elizabeth. The only obvious thing to do was start a women's club. Many of the women were lonely. Most of us had spare time on our hands. we needed to get involved. Once we started we grew and collected some wonderful members...Whilst my time in Phuket was relatively short, perhaps 2 years, it was very fulfilling. The club started some wonderful charity work which you continue today. How could I forget our first formal ball where all the members sand "We Are The World" as well as my first and only speech in Thai.

Those were the days, good memories and I am so pleased you are continuing today. My advice to you is to keep on going. You get so much more out of life when you give of your own. When I left Phuket I left with many fond memories, many wonderful people to remember and a little baby girl I had delivered in the Mission Hospital who today is 19 and a real joy...

Name Surename Position E-Mail
Carole Dux President president@phuketiwc.com
Jureewan Smulders Vice-President and Fundraising Chairman vicepresident@phuketiwc.com
Maggy Wigman 2nd Vice-President / Fundraising vicepresident@phuketiwc.com
Fran Quinn Secretary / Newsletter info@phuketiwc.com
Sue Arnulphy Treasurer / PR info@phuketiwc.com
Wipa Tanmanatragul Scholarship info@phuketiwc.com
Maria Kranker Membership Chairman membership@phuketiwc.com