Benefits of Liposuction

Sometimes, it can be challenging to lose weight, even after eating healthy and exercising regularly. This is where liposuction comes to the rescue. Though it is invasive, liposuction can help you get rid of stubborn fat tissues in belly, buttocks, thighs, chin, and neck.

The fat is removed using a hollow tube cannula. The doctor starts by liquefying the fat tissue, after which they insert the cannula to suction it out. 


Get the Most Out of Your Phuket Yacht Charter

Is enjoying some time in the rainforest, mountainous island of Thailand (Phuket) a part of your vacation plans? It should be!

Who wouldn't get excited at the idea of visiting one of the finest and most unique sea locations in the world? Sportsmen, therapists, and nature photographers especially seize a visit to this location as an opportunity to get those eye-catching pictures of nature that obviously would speak a million words.


Exploring the Waterways with Phuket Yacht Charter

At Phuket, there are sundry large Private boat Phuket and Private charter Phuket that can be booked. The kind and size of the boat may depend on the destination or spot one picks in Phuket.

There is a necessity for booking a private boat in Phuket or Phuket Yacht Charter because the availability of these obviously goes a long way in determining if a tripper will have a memorable time or not.


How Private boat tour Phuket will Transform your Desire for Nature’s Beauty

Want to relax in style away from the madding crowd? With Phuket island tours, you are home away from home. You are bound to experience quite a lot of exciting events when you decide to explore the beauty of Phuket tours by boat. Once you book your place on any of the Private boat tour phuket that include “Island Cruiser”, “The Cruise”, “Phi Phi” or “Phuket Cruise”, you are in for a good treat as you will be taken to wonderful places surrounding Phuket’s archipelago.


Breast Augmentation in Thailand Gives Women a Lift

It has been several years now that women across the world have chosen to have their breast augmentation Thailand. People flock to Thailand for various reasons; one is certain that the cost is much cheaper than other countries. Apart from that, the surgeons are renowned for their experience and up-to-date technology. They keep up with the demand for these life-changing procedures and confidence boosters.


Company Registration in Thailand - Things You Need To Know About It

Thailand is among the countries that serves as a good place to do business. After all, the said country has always been known for having a welcoming economy. In addition to that, the company registration in Thailand process is not that difficult as well. However, there are certain things you need to know if you are intending to establish and register a business there.


Fun Things You Can Enjoy In a Sihanoukville Casino

Who says you have to make a choice between a beach vacation and casino night? Sihanoukville, Cambodia is a perfect beach getaway offering backpackers a wonder beach vacation spot accompanied with a thrilling casino night experience. This small beach resort has soon emerged as a Mecca for gamblers and backpackers alike. There is no shortage of casinos, bars, pubs, nightclubs as well as luxurious hotels and restaurants in this beach city where the fun gets better as the night progresses.


Phuket Person of the Year Award a triumph for charity

PHUKET: The Phuket Gazette is delighted to announce that our 'Person of the Year' Award for 2010 goes to Khun Wipa Tanmanatragul of the Phuket International Women's Club (PIWC).

Khun Wipa, elected this year as the PIWC's first Thai President, has been selected for her embodiment of "charity for charity's sake" and her 15 years of quiet, low-profile dedication to the work of the PIWC.


Phuket International Women’s Club: make a difference and some friends

Research has shown that moving can be one of the most stressful times in people’s lives, up there with death and divorce. Newcomers to Phuket may find it difficult at first to settle in, and athletic activities are a great way to meet likeminded people. It’s easy to strike up a conversation while empathising that you both can’t keep up with the young Zumba instructor!


Phuket International Women's Club appoints new committee

The third Thursday of March each year is always important for the Phuket International Women’s Club because it is when the club has its Annual General Meeting to review the achievements of the previous year and also to begin planning for the year ahead. This year over 30 members came to the meeting on March 17 and over 50 members attended the lunch that followed. Le Meridian Phuket Beach Resort hosted both events and did a wonderful job. 



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